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How do I carve this texture

I purchased this carving last week, I think it is Cedar, it has a lot of damage. But I like a lot of its elements and hope to use it as a model. I can't for the life of me work out  how to copy the texture on this Flower. Any suggestions really appreciated.

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Hi Greg,

It is most likely made by a texturing tool, like a leather punch. The wood is literally "crushed" into shape, and not carved. Check out my lesson on making a stippling tool on the Celtic Cross Finishing lesson. You can also purchase these texturing tools from woodcarving web sites. The difficulty is that often the holes that are punched from these tools are uniform, and your carving appears to be basically pulverized 🙂

You will need to use the texturing tool many overlapping times to remove any pattern that it creates. The punch areas also tend to be larger than the texture in your carving, so you may have to find some material that has a rough texture and be creative to make your own punch that creates a random, rough surface (20 grit sandpaper?? stiff wire brush??)

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Scott Taylor

Thank you very much, Mary.