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Koch sharpening system

Have any of you used the Koch sharpening system? Amazingly fast way to sharpen carving tools. I just bought 2 wheels and the compound and put on a bargain grinder. You have to use the back of the grinder but it WORKS! No more waisted time sharpening and messing up your bevels. Anybody else had this success? I can’t believe Mary May doesn’t have one as a pro.

I think I have heard a few carvers say that sharpening their tools is another point of satisfaction.

so far, I have not had that experience.  I wonder if that system will fit my Christmas list.  Stocking stuffer??

Hi David,

I actually do have one, but I prefer the control of hand sharpening. The times I have used it (when I was working in a wood that destroyed the tool edges and I needed to re-sharpen every 5 minutes) it worked well for quick sharpening, but as with all mechanical sharpening systems I have found, it tends to round the bevel slightly. After finishing that project, I put it back on the sharpening stone to flatten the bevel. But that's just me... If it works and it doesn't "soften" or round the bevel, then go for it!

I can see how the wheel could round the bevel. But you haven’t seen me destroy a bevel with a sharpening stone! I’m real good at that?