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I sort of took over my wifes sewing and quilting room (with the understanding I an get out of the way really fast, sort of). I have the overhead ceiling light (a couple of 60W bulbs) which is at my back and does cast a shadow when I need  but I use a desk lamp that I move around as I work and so far its very comfortable. I can shift it as needed (I wish it was a recharable (no cord) but it is what it is. I use it when I am tying flies. Not sure what wattage is. When I need shadow I switch the table lamp off and move from side to side and the ceiling lamp creates a nice contrast. I hate my camera. This carving Im still working on. On a side note I went to lowes and picked up some other wood to get an idea of the level of difficulty other than basswood might be  this is on Popular, OUCH, its not soft...I also am working on some Common Pine its tricky as the hard and soft spots, have a good grip with both hands so when you leave a hard spot the gouge doesnt take off on you AHHHHHH. Its not a good wood for a beginner. I have a honing pad at the ready and make it a point to use it.  Its fun Im really enjoying the challenges. Much, so much to learn. I need to check my picture size I see they didnt post. Yep too big. Got it...The Owl is Beechnut and fun material to carve as is the basswood, my flower and bee is on Popular as a little testy harder but not as deceptive as Common Pine. Im still tempted to add another bench lamp if its too much I can always turn it off.

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MaryMayRussell Wagner

Looking good! I have a lot of side-lighting, along with overall lighting. If my eyes ever feel tired at the end of the day, I know I need to work on adding extra light. It should not be a strain. In fact, if anything feels exhausted after carving (hands, back, neck), something is out of balance - too tense, bench too low or too high. This should be relaxing and fun ... and not stressful 🙂

In my shop I have a south facing window that is usually draped with muslin - especially in the winter. No overhead lights - and I like it that way.  Carving bench has two IKEA Janso side lights. Cheap (13$ at IKEA, $22 Amazon) Warm white Kelvin, easy to maneuver, bending  high/ low easily. I prefer the weighted base but they are available with clamps. Great for lighting all my benches, band saw and sharpening areas. Love em!........

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Rick RaleyRussell Wagner

thank you all will be buying those lights tonite, work in my garage also, LOL my wife thought we were going to park cars there.

thanks Rusty

LED's are the way to go

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