Let’s talk about woodcarving

Let’s talk about woodcarving 2017-06-26T23:59:57+00:00
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new carvers!

my oldest daughters are about to turn 7, and i've found them sitting in their room carving crayons with a plastic knife, to be like daddy 🙂  so i modified some clay modeling tools to work in soap carving.  they are going to be so excited!

they love watching mary's videos with me too.

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That's really great!  Way to go Dad.  You may be bringing up the next Mary May!


Great job inspiring, Jason! The next generation of woodcarvers begins...

Wow! There's a book out there on soap carving?? That's a great way for kids to get started thinking in 3-dimension - and you get to have a bath with the shavings!

Another thing I remember when I was in grade school was to pour plaster into a square milk carton and you can scrape the dried plaster into a shape. A little harder than soap, but maybe the next step?

In the 1920-30's soap companies had carving contests...