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Norman Landry Carving Vise

Have been thinking of building a carving vise long enough to hold a table leg, similar to the one's that Allan Breed uses in his carving classes.

Really like the design of the Norman Landry Bench Top Carving Vise shown in Mary May's June 2019 newsletter & had a few questions for Mary or anyone else who has an opinion:

Is the vise made of hard wood?

If you were to make one from scratch, is there anything you would change?

If you've had the opportunity to use one of Allan Breed's vises, which would you prefer?

Hi ben,

It was built in oak. I'm sure any hardwood will work, but it is important that it is very solid - all joints and everything. It has been a year or so since I used it, but can't think of anything I would change. I have not used Allan Breed's vise. Maybe someone else has better ideas or suggestions?