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Numbering on Pfeil tools

I have  Bought tools from Chipping away   everything went great but I have one question why do the Pfeil tools have an F  on some of the tool size marking whats that  stand for


Hi Tom,

That marking indicates the tool is a fishtail shaped tool. Have fun.

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Tom Weir

That is what I thought but I was trying to make sure    Thankyou

Hi Tom:    Yes, that is absolutely correct!  The 'F' stands for Fishtail.   You will also find Pfeil uses an 'A'  identification which stands for 'Short Bent' or 'Spoon'.   Also a 'L' which stands for 'Long Bent' or 'Curved'.   Also a 'D' which stands for 'Mid Size'.    Different manufacturers use different symbols or even 'sku' series to identify the shape of the tool.   We have a tutorial on our website that helps explain some of the various shapes and terms.   Have a look:  https://www.chippingaway.com/basics/understanding-woodcarving-tools/

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Douglas Glisson