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Prevent rust on carving tool

Hello, just a question about tool maintenance, do you have some suggestion about oil to use to prevent rust? I had look on YouTube and on net, seems people mostly use mineral oil, 3 in 1 oil or WD40. On other hand knife folks use also ballistol multiporpose oil or reinaccence wax. I have also some friend that use boiled liseed oil, other suggest to put in a rag with silicon oil. I' m Little confused, can you help me?

Hi Patrick,

So much information... so many opinions. Anything will work that will put a very light coating on them. Fancy camellia oil works well, or just plain old olive oil (but if it is on too thick, it can go rancid and get gummy - still works, but just gets sticky). WD40 is the cure all for anything, and that works fine also.

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Patrick Gaiardo

Thank you very much Mary for your help, I will use camellia oil then on almost all my carving tools. On some gauges I will experiment WD 40, liseed oil and reinaccence wax, just to compare the benefit of those over time, and of you wish i will write what product (camellia apart) will work.

Many thanks again,


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Kent Cooper