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Project Turnarounds

I was just wondering how long it takes a pro carver to complete a complicated like rococo style pieces?

Just trying to envision how efficient a pro carver is.

mary's videos are realtime, so you could look at those to get an idea.

Yup, for every Hr. it takes Mary it takes me about a full day.  lol.  been taking Mary's class just over a yr now,  have carved 16 projects so far.  still not very fast.

The main thing is to enjoy the process unless you're carving 'for sale' ,,, relax and take your time !!!


I'm trying to figure out what are the sizes and shapes of chisels I should buy first.

What do people most often start with?

if you scroll dwn on this page to 'member services'  then look dwn and click on 'suppliers and tools and materials' Mary has listed a good starter set and two additional add-on sets,  these will cover most carvings.  She also lists tools used at the start of each video  lesson

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SmokyRick Crawford

Hi Charles,

Welcome! I think "speed" is something not to be concerned about when you are first starting. That will come with practice, familiarity with the wood and tools, and time with gouges in hand. What you really need to concentrate when you first start is how to best control the tools. You will naturally get faster with each project, but as Michael said, "relax and take your time".

Because I try and keep the complex lessons from getting too long, I usually try and be as efficient as possible with the videos. So when I make the really complex videos, like the Rococo style leaves, I have everything "figured out" ahead of time. The depth, the shape, the entire design has already been worked through. The first time I carve and work through a design it usually takes 3 to 4 times as long as the second or third time of carving (which is when I film :). This works both for beginner carvers and also for those who have been carving for years.

So relax and have fun!