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I know a question is posted all over the internet by nerdy woodworkers like me that are struggling with the systems of gouge numbering and I believe the answer is that there is no known listing of the radii of gouges by any of the makers but I thought I'd ask after it anyway.

The trouble is I'm trying to design a carving based off of given dimensions of where it will sit architecturally and am trying to use harmonic proportions to make it look nice, but that means my limited tool set doesn't have enough gouges to find the radii of curves that fit the size and look nice together.  I'd like to buy more gouges for this project, but how can I find the gouges I need to match the design?  How can say I want a circle or volute of this radius to fit another gouge I have and then order a gouge that will cut that radius?  Has anyone stamped out some gouges or circles and measured the radii of their tools?

Perhaps I'm going about it the wrong way. How does designing a carving to given dimensions work?  Does one have to have every gouge to be flexible in execution of designs?  Is there a lesson on designing that I should watch?  (I just arrived) .