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Reclaimed American Chestnut?

Has anyone tried carving American Chestnut?  I do a lot of restoration work in Philadelphia and many house interiors from the 19th Century had interiors trimmed in chestnut (although most 0f it has been painted over).  Often I find interior doors, windows, casing, shutters and baseboards put out in the trash that are solid chestnut under layers of paint.  I know that it can be carved because I also find carvings on these items, such as bead mouldings, rosettes, etc. and the houses in my historic district even have massive newel posts with a spiral rope moulding motif (unfortunately the one in my house was removed in 1920 as part of a "modernization" - at least they left most of the balusters, all turned from chestnut, none carved but all painted).

Of course I know that the American Chestnut is virtually extinct, but it is possible to get reclaimed pieces where I live.

I haven't tried carving it, but I do know that, at least when it is 130 plus years old, it tends to be very brittle although not particularly hard.

I hope to re-create some bead moulding and perhaps some rosettes for a staircase I am restoring.

If anyone wants to try carving some, I can send some your way.