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Replacement for #3/6 and 4/14

Hi there,

I am just started to learn woodcarving.  A lot of Mary's projects require #3 - 6 mm and #4-14 mm (Pfeil) . I ordered #3/6 in August, still waiting for it... #4/14 - in December... No words when they will come. But my other local store has some Hirsch and Henry Taylor gauges. What would be correct number in their system?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Jane,

Welcome! I am much more familiar with Hirsch tools, and they would be the same number as Pfeil. You could move up or down one sweep or a mm if they don't have the exact size. The more you carve, the more you will realize that there is a flexibility with size and sweep to achieve similar results.

For instance, you could substitute a #3, 6mm for a #2, 6mm, a #3, 8mm, a #3, 5mm

You could substitue a #4, 14mm for a #3, 14mm, #3, 12mm, #4, 12mm.