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I would love to see your process for doing a rossette like this. I have tried it but I would love it if you could show me how you would carve it. It is very deep, like maybe a half inch. It was done by Konstantinos Pilarinos who used to do Greek Orthodox carving. We have many of his pieces here and I am trying to use his stuff as examples so I can learn to carve.


Hopefully the picture show on this ?





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Lucy Fox

I will definitely look into doing this as a lesson. Can you please provide the size?


Thank you so much for considering this 🙂

The Diameter of the rossette is 3 1/2 inches on this one. The diameter of the circle is about 5 1/2 inches. let me know if you want more pictures of it

I am sorry, I think the measurements i gave were not exactly correct. Here are some pics that will explain it.

The rosette that I took a picture of is on the base of the Analogion pictured here.

The other pictures show it at a slight angle and the tape measure should with explaining the size. 🙂




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Really looking forward to seeing this as a lesson, the rosette is so simple but beautiful.  The carving surrounding it is lovely too.  Thanks for putting this forward as a lesson,


Hi Mary!

Any further idea of when this might be a lesson?  Meanwhile I will screen shot it and have a go .......  I think it would work so well in a hard wood and polished up 🙂


Hi Lucy,

Sorry for the delay. Probably not until August or September. By the way, I met Mr. Pilarinos about 20 years ago at a Greek Orthodox convention where my teacher, Konstantinos Papadakis and I were demonstrating carving. They have some history together, but can't remember the details. Arch rivals back in Greece?? Or some Greek drama...

Most of those Greek carvings are done in basswood, and as deep as this one is, I would guess this was also done in basswood.

There are a few "rosette" carvings in my lessons that have some similar details, but not exact. One you may want to watch to give you an idea is the Tudor Rose lesson. It shows how to notch the little triangle pieces out of the background. I would start with doing a lot of v-cuts to clear the wood away, and then carve the details. Most of the surfaces are at the same height (level with the surface of the wood), which makes it a little easier.

Hope this helps at least get you started!

Right I will give it a go in basswood to start.  Thanks for the tips.   I have absorbed every single lesson on your online school many times and watched and re-watched - to say I’m familiar with the rosette lessons might be a little understated lol!