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wanting to branch out from basswood, i took a road trip to a rough lumber store, a couple hours away from me.  i found some beautiful live edge walnut slabs.  they were out of mahogany, but the guy suggested trying red grandis, which is a kind of eucalyptus.  i got that in a slab, and some 3x3 stock.  when i was on the way out the door, he handed me a 4x5x5 block of zebra wood for free.  that should be interesting.  i have a humidor made from zebra wood, and it's beautiful.


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Nice! Get those tools nice and sharp. I have never carved in zebra wood, but my guess it is very hard. My suggestion is carve something with not a lot of details, as the grain itself will give life to the carving. Sometimes the figure in the wood causes the details to get lost. This would be a good piece for a simple, 3-dimensional piece with a polished, satin finish. Let the grain speak! Have fun with your new toys!

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