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Source on how to Make a Strop Block?

I was watching Mary's video on sharpening gouges and saw the strop block she made with the curved radiuses

sharpening the inside of the gouge.  I was wondering if there were any sources on how to make a block that is something

similar. I know flexcut makes one but I was looking to use the leather method to go over the strop block.



Randall Stoner (Madcarver) recently did a video for Schaaf Tools on the subject.


There are many ways to create a strop which is simply any material that can take the polishing compound and will conform to the shape being worked. Traditionally, that includes dowels, shaped wood, bent leather strips, cardboard, MDF, along with other creative measures. Applying leather to small radii can be more trouble than it is worth (IMHO) and concave strops won't accomplish anything that can't be managed with a flat strop. Stropping is a really simple process and is very east to overthink.

Have fun.



Hi Tim,

Yes, as Michael said, there are many options. The way I made mine was just shaped several different pieces of wood with various radius (radii?) and simply glued pieces of leather to the surface. Then I rubbed the honing or stropping compound on the surface. I've seen people make 7 or 8 different radius shapes, but that really is a bit of an overkill, since 3 or 4 will fit most gouges with a little bit of extra rotation on the gouges to make some fit completely along the edge. Have fun!

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Tom Weir

I just cut some pieces of various size dowels that fit to several gouges. I use a piece of leather that I simply place over the appropriate sized dowel for the gouge I'm using and use it that way. This seems much simpler to me than cutting the dowels in half and attaching them to plywood.