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Style Book Recommendations

I'd like to know of books that feature photos of antique carvings of mirrors, frames, architecture, etc. I'm not interested in any "how-to-carve" suggestions. I already have "Carving the Acanthus Leaf."

I saw a book on antique mirrors being used in one of the videos and would like to know the title.

For the Dover books I go to our library and borrow them. Most have a DVD with the illustrations that can be downloaded and saved.


I will try and go through my book shelf and find that book. I'll look for others too, as I have this bad addiction to going to used book stores and getting anything relating to design. Once you learn the technique, these books are truly invaluable as reference materials.

Thanks for buying my book!

If I get distracted and forget (easily done) please send me a message in "Contact" at the top of the page.

Wondering if titles were ever found... 🙂