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What does a #10 gouge look like


Mary suggests that to carve a Newport Shell, the following chisels are desirable:
#1 (10 & 25); #3 (6 & 14); #5 (5); #7 (14); #8 (6 & 10); #10 (5); #11 (5).
[the format is: sweep #, chisel width in mm.]

I have a selection of Pfeil brand craving chisels that cover all of the suggested sweeps except for the #10.  As far as I can discover, Pfeil makes #9 and #11 sweeps, but does not make a #10 sweep chisel.

I have access to some Henry Taylor and Hirsh carving tools at my local Lee Valley store and could order a #10 (5) sweep from the UK or Europe.   However, before I go down the route of ordering a #10 (5) sweep from the UK or Europe, can someone please advise me what shape the #10 sweep recommended by Mary for carving the Newport Shell actually looks like.
Could I substitute the #8 (7 & 10), the #9 (4) or the #11 (2, 3, 5) sweeps I already have for the #10 (5) sweep?

thanks in advance
Ian N