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What is this tool?

Here's an old knife I got in a collection of carving tools. I find it extremely useful in cleaning out tight spaces.

What is it called, and what is it's intended purpose?

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Hi Ed

Your tool looks very much like a Pfeil Abegglen detail knife.   The "Swiss Made" and "arrow" were my primary identifiers.
The Pfeil cataloge describes the Abegglen detail knife thus:
These detail knives have two cutting edges.  One side with a round cutting edge the other side with hollow cutting edge.  With these knives it is possible to make deep cuts, but also to do writings and ornaments.  A universal knife for many works.  Little hexagonal oiled ash handle.   

The Abegglen knife comes in three sizes
Ab G    Abegglen large -- Blade length 130 mm; Cutting edge length 33mm.
Ab M   Abegglen medium -- blade length 125 mm; Cutting edge length 27mm.
Ab K    Abegglen small -- blade length 120mm; cutting edge length 20mm.

The size might be marked on the hexagonal handle -- look for a G, M or K -- or if there is no size marking, and you don't have access to a metric ruler, know that
33mm is approximately  1 - 5/16"
27mm is approximately  1 - 1/16"
20mm is approximately   25/32"

Hope that helps

Ian N