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where to buy wood

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I came across this website I'd like to share: http://hearnehardwoods.com Worth looking at.  I'm planning on visiting them this weekend.

Thanks! What's the report? I have heard that they are a great supplier.

Didn't go.  Snowing in the Northeast.  Next weekend.  Weather permitting.

If they're getting what we got here in Charleston, you might have another delay. We got 6 inches of snow and freezing rain. I haven't seen that in the 20 years I have been in Charleston. Kind of nice to have it for a day, and it reminds me of growing up in Wisconsin... but I think a few days of this is enough for me and now I'm ready for the 60 degree winter days.

Jeff, they have some amazing wood selections there...little outside of my budget, but you can’t beat the variety. Amazing.

Good luck with the weather both of you...I’ve always wanted to move to the northeast, but will never be able to convince the rest of the family to brave the winter weather. Sounds like Charleston is the place to be!

But the weather is a great excuse to stay inside and do a bit of carving.

You have an excellent point!

Finally got to go to Hearne Hardwoods.  Whew! what a selection.  They have two huge warehouses filled with assorted types of wood.  I finally settled on a 9' long x 2" thick x 9" wide piece of butternut.  The folks there were very helpful and friendly.  The mill has a band saw you have to see to believe.  It's got to be at least 12' high.  The width of the blade looks to be 7 or 8".

Coming from Albany NY I drove 5 hrs. there, spent an hour at Hearne's, then 5 hrs. back.  Jeff, the guy that helped me pick out my piece, was nice enough to give me a tour of the facility.

The office has a nice homey atmosphere.  Attached are some photos of a wood carved elephant in the office.


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Rob Drown

Thanks for the report Jeff. I think they also sell online, but it's always nice to go and touch and feel the wood.

So, what you're saying is the elephant is your next project carved out of your new butternut??

Absolutely Mary.  Except mine will be LIFE SIZE!!!

All I need is an elephant to pose for me. 🙂

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