• From clint on All About Gouges - Beginner Lesson #3

    Put a hyperlink in the tool list pdf that goes directly to your tool order shopping cart.

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    2012/07/08 at 3:21 pm
  • From Mike Cogswell on What videos would you like to see?

    I agree with the first comment about some introductory videos. An overview of the different chisels and their typical purpose would be great for the novices like me. Real basic carving 101.

    As you continue to develop the site I'd like to see some kind of a logical curriculum, where we can start with a real basic thing (like the donut) and go through a progression of carvings, each one introducing a new technique and reinforcing the previous ones.

    For specific items, I'd suggest concave and convex shells.

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    2012/07/06 at 1:29 pm
    • From Mary on What videos would you like to see?

      Thanks for your suggestions, and I am pretty much working in all that you suggested into the site. I just have to figure out how all that will be set up. Bob E suggested that I do a basic intro video that covers tools, etc and introduces novice carvers to the starting techniques. It's a great idea - rather than be thrown in at the deep end and figure out where to start.

      As I write this, I am putting the convex shell video into my computer for editing (the same one I did the DVD for). It might be a while (the DVD was 1hr and 45 minutes) before I get it on the site, but it's heading there. Concave one also. Ball and claw also.

      Thanks again for your input. I have added several pdf files that go with the videos that contain templates, photos of finished carving and tool list. I hope this guides people through the projects easier.

      Keep the suggestions coming!


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      2012/07/06 at 1:45 pm
  • From Bob Easton on Carving Reeds on a Table Leg

    I agree with Clint. There are all sorts of carvings we see in the backgrounds of these videos ... on window sills, on shelves, hanging on the walls.

    Take us on a tour of the shop. Make a video showing us all these treasures. Then, ask which ones we want to see videos of.

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    2012/07/06 at 1:05 am
  • From clint on Carving Reeds on a Table Leg

    Wow Mary; sandpaper! You are so practical; artistry is in the final form, not necessarily the method. Thanks for this display of practicality. By the way - the acanthus panel that can be seen behind you in the intro - wow! Couldn't persuade you into demonstrating that one could we?

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    2012/07/05 at 11:14 pm
    • From Mary on Carving Reeds on a Table Leg

      Clint, Thanks for your comments. Yes, I am reluctant to admit that sandpaper does come out on occasion - hate the stuff! Scrapers would work for this process also, but I have not used them enough to really feel confident.

      Yes, I can do a demo of that acanthus. Why not??? I do like to hear what people are wanting to see. Thanks!

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      2012/07/05 at 11:22 pm
  • From clint on Carving an Acanthus Leaf on a Turned Post - Episode 1

    As always you drop tidbits of wealth along the way - Like using the flat gouge (if grain allows) to reduce facets. Great info and why your whole library together is so fantastic.

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    2012/07/05 at 3:00 pm