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Ball and Claw

Here is my attempt at Mary's Philadelphia ball and claw foot. For a first try, I'm happy with it. Naturally there are things I don't like about it. In particular, there's a weird asymmetry in the front talon that bugs me which is, I believe, an artifact from inaccurate cuts on the cabriole blank. The front talon is also too thick in my opinion. I made the claws a little longer than Mary does. The leg is truncated because it is a practice piece. My sister is going to use it as a beer tap handle. The wood is butternut, which I've never used before or even seen before until this project. I was happy to find that it carves very nicely. As pictured, it has just received an initial coat of boiled linseed oil.

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Hi Charles,

That really looks great! I like the idea of a beer tap handle. Maybe you could market these??

I had one student who made a lamp out of it - sort of like The Christmas Story...

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Charles Hubbard

Mrs, Mary , wasn't that a leg and stockings lol just kidding. Great job . Getting ready to try something like that with 4 legs,  scary,  if it works will take pictures. Lol still scared thinking 4 different animal legs now. I just hope they come out half as nice,  really beautiful work.