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Carving Flames

This is a Placard I carved as a donation piece. It is carved out of Poplar wood. All of the Lettering is wood burned. This was a challenging piece that I really enjoyed carving. To date, I have not found anyone else who has carved flames before. So, I gave my own interpretation for the Logo. The reaction from my group has been very favorable. I have been asked to carve more in the future, but I have no idea how much to charge for something like this.

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Nice effect with the pyrography.  - BP

Very nicley done. I like it.  I really can't help on pricing your work.

Andrew that worked out great! I think you got it.

When I first started carving, I tried carving a lot of flames because I loved the challenge of creating that "movement" in wood. I looked at a lot of photos of flames to see the shape of the unique flickering that flames do.

The color differences really added to the detail in yours. If you don't add color, all you are relying on is shapes and shadows, which can definitely be more challenging.

Pricing is very difficult - especially when you first begin carving. As you get more experience, and become faster, you can figure how to charge by how long it takes. I try to have a base charge of $50/hour and then up to $75/hour actual shop time. I rarely get that. The process itself can be very time consuming. It's also difficult to predict how long a project will take before starting it.

So just enjoy the process, and hopefully you will make some money along the way 🙂 The more you carve, the more efficient you will get and the more you can predict what the time involved will be.

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Charles Hubbard

Thank You for the replies all.

Mary I did the same thing. I looked at so many photo's and films of flames to try and figure out the shape. It was worth it in the end.

I am enjoying carving a lot. This piece had approx 36hrs or so. I am just very detail oriented and a perfectionist at heart. It kills me. However, with more time I will be able to do everything much faster.

Thanks You!

A different slant on pricing work. I haven't set a price for any of my work. Instead I ask people to determine what they think it is worth and contribute that to the Sunday collection basket or to a charity that they like. I don't follow up to make sure they did it. Complete honor system. I realize some people need to be compensated for their time and materials. Just throwing this out there for others that are lucky enough to be in my position.

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Russell Wagner

Great job, on prices, hard im retired , I go to a few craft fairs , I make mailboxes jewelry boxes, and other odds and ends just started carving about 3 years ago so I'm a long way from where I hope to be , I do sell a few cartiatures,  2x2x6 inches Santa's pumpkin men, dwarfs, etc, holloween stuff goes good, but I only sell them for 15.00 to 25.00 dollars a piece. Pays for the wood . Now if I keep getting better may beable to get more. Covid has put the end to craft fairs for the last year. When they come back I will have a bunch to try again. Good luck , have a good selection and you should do alright.