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Carving tools storage...

The past 2 weeks I have been working on storage for my carving gouges. I don’t have a dedicated workplace, so I’m always carving on a mobile “bench” that I put on my kitchen island or dining room table. Because of this, I have been keeping my gouges in rolls in a dining room cabinet. Well, the rolls went from 1 to 2 to 5, along with other carving aides, so I decided I needed something that was pleasing to the eye to put everything in. Here it is!

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SmokyRick Crawford

Very nice, and a great way to keep them organized!

Be careful about storing tools in tool rolls if there is any humidity in your shop (in Charleston, SC I need to be very careful). Any moisture in tool rolls will rust your tools if you keep them stored this way for too long.

A good suggestion (although I have never tried this) is to put some paraffin in each drawer that will slowly dissolve and coat your tools and keep them from rusting. This is best with air-tight tool boxes, so I'm not sure how this will work with yours. You can read up a lot on how to protect your tools from rust, and this paraffin method has been talked about a lot.


Thank you Mary!

The humidity was one reason why I kept my carving tools inside my house, along with carving inside also. I used to have the Tennessee summer humidity problem in my garage with my other tools, until I bought a decent sized dehumidifier. Problem was solved pretty fast!

I will definitely look into the paraffin use in the drawers. Can’t pass up any extra care for this investment!

I didn’t add anything to separate the gouges inside the drawers. I figured one day this dresser will be used for something else, so I didn’t want to alter the drawers. The gouges don’t rattle any when I open and shut the drawers, so I’ll probably leave as is for now. I’ll brainstorm something that’s not permanent at a later date. Right now, I’m just happy to be back carving again!


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SmokyRick CrawfordGreg Howlett

I wanted to ask the group how they store their carving tools.  I have seen a number of different set ups, but was wondering what you Mary and all felt was most important to consider as I am looking at changing my current set up.   What do all of you like or prefer in storing your carving tools?  Thank you in advance.