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carving warped

I recently finished this piece.  But had a problem when removing it from double sided tape using alcohol(maybe I used too much).  It's carved from about 1/2 inch basswood and warped a good 1/2 inch. I tried everything I could think of to flatten it with no success.  I finally epoxied it to a piece of thick brass.  Which caused some problems.  Probably too much epoxy.  But I was able to flatten it(almost).  I've never had this problem with alcohol before, but now I'm a little leery.

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That's a beautiful piece.  Sorry to hear abotu the warping.

Are you using golf grip tape? I would suggest this, and then use either acetone or lacquer thinner.

Denatured alcohol works with the duct tape, but is not my favorite tape, as it does tend to stick if it is left too long.

I would suggest testing the tape and what solvent works with what you are using.

Yes, the thinner the piece is and the more delicate pieces, the more possibility of the moisture of the alcohol causing some warping. This happens to me about 20% of the time for me. When it has happens, I try to add more alcohol to it and then press it flat while it is still wet. I either put it in a large vise and leave it for a day (as long as the entire carving is flattened by this process). Another option is that I try to lay something like a sandbag that is heavy enough to hold it down on all areas. You need to leave it for a while to make sure all the alcohol is evaporated. Good luck! By the way, your carving is really lovely!

If you continue to have issues or warping, you may want to try a harder wood like walnut or mahogany.

Thank you for your response.  I will try all of those suggestions if it happens again.  I even tried gluing it to a piece of 3/8 hardwood.  That warped too.  It's amazing how much memory 1/2" basswood has. It's also amazing the piece survived all of my attempts.....and frustration.  After trying many different double sided tapes I found and use Xfasten tape(Amazon) and find it really strong.  Thanks again.

Beautiful,  good luck with the warping.

Really like the classical theme, and the pierced carving.