Let’s talk about woodcarving

Let’s talk about woodcarving 2017-06-26T23:59:57-04:00
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    Owl amongst Eucalypt leaves


    This is my current project, pictured in its early stages, about 10 weeks ago.

    I am hoping to finish it in a few weeks time.  The timber is radiata pine.

    The subject is the Southern Boobook Owl, named after its call, and is the smallest owl found in Australia.


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    what great ideas i see here. wonderful work


    Looking good! I am not familiar with that wood. It looks like it is cooperating quite well! Or give credit to the carving talent 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement, guys.

    The name Radiata Pine comes from the botanical name Pinus radiata. The other common name is Monterey Pine, which is probably familiar to you, as it is native to a limited area of the west coast of North America.  It is a fast growing, very soft wood which is grown in plantations for the construction industry. The grain is usually straight, except for the central core ,which tends to be spiral, resulting in twisting during drying unless adequately weighed down.