Let’s talk about woodcarving

Let’s talk about woodcarving 2017-06-26T23:59:57-04:00
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Recent work

New guy here but these are some items just finished or in the process..

A blacksmith in the works.

And I like whales....

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  • Balcksmith-carving-1.JPG
  • Two-whales.JPG

I like simple things at times.  These are MCM birds for my wife.

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  • Bird-MCM-carving-1.JPG

Sweet! I don't usually use carving knives (and if you have watched some my videos, you will probably know that they scare me - I seem to bleed a lot whenever I use them). The process is similar - just holding the work, and tool use is different. But woodcarving in general is the same process - grain direction, grain direction. Have fun!

Hi Scott

Provide an update on the blacksmith when you can. I like figure carvings like that from a single block of wood.


Hi Scott

i love your whales.  Did you have to do a lot of sanding to get them so smooth.  Is the wood pine?

best wishes, Lucy


Yes a lot of sanding after they are worked down with the rasp where needed.  Both of these carvings are eastern white pine.  I have a local source that has a very nice thick (4" plus) dry pine.

This picture is a redwood whale I did many years ago. the old growth redwood was salvaged from a commercial construction project and I have some of this material left.  I have been saving it for just the right project since it doesn't hold detail at all...


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  • Redwood-whale.JPG

Hey Scott

Fabulous - you have a real talent. The redwood is really beautiful.  Sadly we cant get it here in the UK.