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Scroll Saws

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Mary,  I was going to contact you directly for this ? then thought others may find the info useful too.  I'm looking to purchase a scroll saw.  What brand and model do you have and or recommend?  What to look for in a saw,  size of reach etc.

Got the "coping saw blues"

Michael...what price range are you looking in? There are some good new brands/models out there, and even some older, used models are good to get if you want to save the money for other things.

Michael, I have a Dewalt table top scroll saw that runs new around $500. It is a good, solid saw, but a bit on the pricey side. I've had mine for around 15 years and I only recently started having something loosening in the arm and making some major rattling noise. I fixed it once, and now I need to find someone with more knowledge of digging a bit deeper.

I also recently got a 1937 Delta scroll saw (check out photos on my instagram page) with a long arm (not sure the exact size). It purrs like a kitten, and is simply awesome.

The questions you need to ask yourself - are you planning on sawing out large objects that you will need to fully swing and rotate around? If you are only going to use it on pieces smaller than 12 to 15 inches, you can stay with the table-top one. If you know you will be needing it for larger ones, try and get one with a longer neck.

Happy shopping!

Mary, thank you for the reply,  my son is in const. and swears by Dewalt,  back in my day everything was Delta.  Most of the cutting will be small stuff,  mostly your carvings,  my hand and wrist can't handle anything larger.  So looks like probably Dewalt tabletop.

Thanks again

Mike Duncan

If you plan to use a scroll saw more than occasionally, then it pays to invest in the highest quality you can afford, which, if you are making money with it, should be top of the line.  Those saws in the $1000 range and up offer mostly durability and longevity.  The deeper throat saws tend to have longer blade strokes (in some makes).  A 1" blade stroke is very desirable in cutting anything over 1/2" thick. Infinitely variable speed is a very important feature to be able to learn at slower speeds and to find the optimal speed with minimal vibration. Most operators run the blades too fast causing excessive heating and shortening blade life. A foot switch is exceedingly convenient, as are blade holders that do not require tools to change blades.  I'm not going to mention brands, because when you get into top of the line machines with features as described, there doesn't seem to be an outstanding "winner".  For the very best bang for the buck, find a good used high end saw that has been taken care of or lightly used. I recently saw a near new 30" top end saw with very low hours selling for $600.  YMMV.


Dan,  Thanks for the info. with chisels I can hold out till I can aford quality,  power tools,  way out of my price range,  even $600. would take a couple yrs. to save for.

Since I first posted, I found out my Daughter in Law has been holding out on me,  she has a mid range Ryobe hiding in her craft room I didn't know about all these years!  hmm.  I now have someone to do my cutting out for me!

Hi, I’m based in the UK. Is there anyone out there who can recommend a table top scroll saw (just for small projects, mainly Mary’s templates). I’m looking to spend no more than £200. Any reply’s would be gratefully received. Thanks Lucy

Welcome Lucy! Across the pond, your best bet in that price range would be a Record 16” or Scheppach 16” scroll saw...both would be comparable to a Dewalt or Porter Cable hobby level scroll saw here in the US. I think G&S Specialist Timber near Penrith sells the Jet brand...also a good brand here in the US. Maybe swing by and ask some questions about it...I buy Pfeil gouges from G&S, and they have pretty good customer service.

Hello Matthew. Many thanks for your great response - I will look into that scroll saw right away. Speaking of G&S Timber I too get all my tools from them and a lot of carving wood - they are excellent and I can’t rate them highly enough. Now to go to their website for the saw details ....... best wishes, Lucy

Quite welcome Lucy...good luck and happy carving!

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