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Scroll Saws

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I had a Dremel 2 speed saw but found it difficult to cut small pieces for wooden jewellery. I bought a Dewalt DW788. What a dream machine. Changing blades is so easy, disconnecting the top of the blade to thread through a hole is really fast, the machine is very quiet and smooth. It has a deep throat, 20 in. I think. I use it for jewellery and cutting kid's jig saw puzzles. (I have 10 great grandchildren) I paid 6 $614 Canadian inc. tax. Wouldn't trade it for the world! I do have a Dremel for sale though!


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Has anyone been able to find out which is the best broker among those listed here?


This thread has been very helpful; thanks!  I'm ready to move from a handheld electric jigsaw to either a table top scroll saw or band saw.  My goal is mostly cutting out the kinds of starting templates that Mary features in these Lessons (which are fantastic, by the way).  It looks like the consensus (based on this thread) is that a scroll saw is the better choice between the two.  Am I reading between the lines correctly; go with a scroll saw?

You take a good step. everyone should have a know how about this important device. scroll saw is a versatile device with a lot of https://sawadviser.com/best-budget-jigsaw/features. it has been highly useful for me in my home projects. you can ask about any specific feature about any specific project.

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