Let’s talk about woodcarving

Let’s talk about woodcarving 2017-06-26T23:59:57-04:00
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Trouble with perspective


im in the process of carving a gift for my sister but the central drooping daffodil is causing an issue as I want it to look natural but don’t know how to carve the ‘hole’ in the flute. I guess I need to look at lots of pictures to try and work it out!  I intend to carve her name ‘Sarah Louise’ down each side of the carving. Carving hollows in flowers is hard!

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you could use a Rotory Tool

Probably didn’t make myself clear - it’s trying to establish the position of the inside of the flute to make the flower look artistically correct in its drooping form.  The actual carving of the hole is not a problem.

Finished!  Think the central daffodil worked out ok.  Check out the huge knot (dark area - bit of a challenge).

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Oh my... I see what you did and you for sure captured it. Wow.

A general question and may not be a simple answer. What is your go to tool for clearing away material in the really really small captured restricted areas? Im still pretty limited in the number of gouges I have to work with, beginner stuff.

If you have the time when you post pictures of your work would you provide some details like the wood you choose and say the 3 most frequently used tools, say the smallest and largest in sweep and width?

Have you done any wild life?

Hello Thomas

Thank you so much for all your feedback about my carvings.  I'm so thrilled you like them.  I would say that my 3/3 gouge is great for the smaller areas to remove - it's really tiny and gets in all those nooks.  My most used gouges generally are 3/8, 3/14 and probably 7/14 as the largest.  The wood I find on ebay - there are quite a few sellers of mahogany pieces usually salvaged from old pieces of furniture.  Honduran and Brazilian mahogany is superb if you can find it - sapele is a lot tougher but I have carved it before.  The pieces you've seen on this forum are from Brazilian mahogany and from walnut (which I love).  Both these woods look so beautiful when beeswax is applied at the end.

No, I've not done any wild life but am in the process of carving fish in walnut - I will post a picture of how I'm getting on later.

Again, thanks for your feedback,