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unicorn ornament

Mary Christmas everyone!

I debated whether to post this since it looks a little rough close up, but

maybe not so bad when you consider that it’s less than 3” in size, so even small deviations and tool

marks look large.  It is based on a stone carving at Linlithgow Palace in Scotland, and I donated

it to a toy drive for a girl who loves unicorns.  I understand they are popular these days.

- Bill Pierce

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Wendy Neufeld has reacted to this post.
Wendy Neufeld

I don't think it looks rough at all. I think the tool marks give it character. Good job. I'm sure the girl who got it loves it.

Bill, that is a great ornament! The surface definitely give it "life".

Thanks for the remarks.  Appreciated.  - Bill

Love it,  its hard to carve small things. Its just amazes me what people can do . Thanks for sharing.