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Wooden Bowl with Carved Flowers

The bowl was a $5 Salvation Army find. I'm not sure what kind of wood it is but it's hard and splintery when carved. I suspect the bowl was made in someplace like Indonesia and sold as a decorative object at Pier 1 or a similar store.

Anyway, the bowl had a crack in it which I glued and then I carved the flowers. One of the members of our woodcarving club, the Orange County Woodcarvers painted the flowers for me so that they really stand out. A few coats of polyurethane and a final wax and it's done.

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Wendy NeufeldCharles Hubbard

What a great idea! I rummage through garage sales and thrift stores for this exact thing. And yes, often the woods are a mystery. But it looks lovely!

Wow, what a great idea, well done and beautifully painted. Keep it up.