Carving the Art Nouveau Style on a Bellows

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This is a brief introduction to "Carving the Art Nouveau Style on a Bellows."

This two episode lesson shows how to carve one of my favorite styles. Forget what you know about how things are "supposed" to look. This original design is a water lily in the style of Art Nouveau on the second half of a homemade bellows. This boundlessly versatile style has roots in France in the last decade of the 1800s and is most identifiable for an organic flow that bends the rules of realism and classical art.

  • Lesson Contents: 2 episodes PLUS Bonus Episode; template, tool list, and photo in Episode 1
  • Type of Wood: Mahogany
  • Size: 6-3/16"w x 10"h x 3/8"d
  • Tool List: 4mm v-chisel; #1, 10mm; #1, 14mm; #3, 6mm; #3, 18mm; #4, 14mm; #5, 8mm; #5, 14mm; #7, 6mm; #7, 8mm; #7, 10mm; #7, 14mm
  • Skill Level: Advanced
= More Lessons at the Advanced Skill Level =


  1. Tom Connolly July 31, 2016 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    Mary have you ever carved a federal mirror.?

    • Mary May August 1, 2016 at 1:10 pm - Reply

      Hi Tom,
      I’ve carved several. Which specific kind and style of mirror were you referring to?

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