Carving an Acanthus Leaf on a Cabriole Leg

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This video shows the technique of lowering down the background and carving a basic acanthus leaf flowing down the knee of a cabriole leg.

  • Lesson Contents: 2 episodes; template, tool list, and photo available in Episode 1
  • Type of Wood: Mahogany
  • Tool List: 5mm v-chisel; #3, 3mm; #3, 6mm; #3, 14mm; #5, 5mm; #5, 14mm; #11, 3mm
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Casting Available: Having a 3-D reference is tremendously helpful and allows you to get an accurate assessment of the carving's size, shape, and depth.
= More Lessons at the Basic Skill Level =

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  1. Kt January 24, 2015 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    Hello Mary,

    I am really enjoying your website and how much it offers. This note is concerning the same thing Jim Brower addressed in his email. Like him I am having trouble visualizing the design and know the correct way to attach the knee blocks. Bore and dowel works well usually but with the carving on this block I need a set of the same photos you are locating for Jim. A pattern would be a great help too, Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kim Todd (Kt)

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