This is a brief introduction to "Carving a Gingerbread Man Cookie Mold."

He may not look like the gingerbread man you are familiar with, but that's because this fancy looking cookie hails from colonial Williamsburg, VA. This lesson teaches how to carve an springerle cookie mold/print/stamp (a.k.a. speculoos or intaglio mold) based on a replica of a mold from colonial Virginia. Pretty sweet!

  • Lesson contents: 2 episodes; template, tool list, and photo available in Episode 1
  • Type of Wood: Cherry
  • Size: 3-1/2"w x 8-1/4"h x 1/4"d
  • Tool List: 3mm v-chisel; 6mm v-chisel; #1, 10mm; #1, 14mm; #3, 6mm; #3, 14 mm; #5, 14mm; #7, 6mm; #7, 14mm; #11, 2mm veiner; #11, 3mm veiner
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
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